Group Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

  • Norway I take great honour and pride in addressing you all as Group Chairman. Allow me to pen down my individual thoughts and IISE's Governing thought process.

We often see in the current global scenario of tough economic demands and equally tough competition that organizations/brands are born one day and dead another! WHY? Yet a few succeed and become a great success story. WHY? Because what an organization/brand lacks is not fundamental capital input support or a sound and tough business model. Because the organization/brand lacks in tough governance and tougher execution skills We at IISE strongly believe that the road to success is easy to walk on, it is the walking that is difficult. This is thus, IISE’s thought process : make it easy walking on an easy road through the most critical constituent of the corporate world – THE HUMAN CAPITAL. Thus, our conversion process and mission statement is:

We, at IISE strongly believe that while a few management programmes do deliver, yet a lot of them lack in one fundamental deliverable: ACQUIRED knowledge from such programmes does not commensurate with what is REQUIRED by the Corporate world in terms of skills and attitude. At IISE we commit to deliver the REQUIRED skills and attitude to produce not only effective Managers but to produce LEADERS in this most challenging and dyn-amic market scenario. Our programme at IISE aims at equipping the students of all streams with:

  • 1) Strong business and personal attitudes,
  • 2) Excel in assignments with effective skills set,
  • 3) Conformity to the belief – I grow as the organization grows.

  • It will be a matter of great honour and pleasure for me, my academic colleagues and administrative colleagues to welcome you for a personal visit to the Campus in order to assess our defined convictions.


  • Cordially,
  • Apoorva Verma