One actually needs to experience the campus life at IISE to know about it. One of our core beliefs is that a holistic development of the human personality can take place only when there is a mixture of work and play in his life. In addition to their academic preoccupations, the students (and the faculty members alike) have ample avenues for recreational pursuits like sports, art and culture, music and dramatics, and the like. This ensures that there is regular infusion of fresh energy in the work-related activities of the students as well as the faculty members.

Campus Security

‘Prevention of crime in the campus is our prime concern.’

To make the campus safe and secure, IISE has laid down the following guidelines:

  • It has deployed sufficient security personnel with intensified patrolling around the campus including hostels.
  • Students are required to submit a mandatory declaration form before joining the campus which holds them accountable for strict action if found indulging in any objectionable activity in the campus
  • Students are required to submit their I-card at the gate before entering the campus.
  • Further, IISE is committed to be a ragging-free campus.