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International Institute for Special Education (IISE)

The class and culture of International Institute for Special Education (IISE), Lucknow is as rich as the city in which it is located. IISE is not merely a Management and IT school College, but an Institution that acts as a conversion centre where budding professional are transformed into potential man-agers; equipped with all necessary skills and ethics required to succeed in the corporate world.

IISE is committed towards offering quality education and ensuring placements for students for a very affordable fee. Its sprawling lush green campus means the students can look beyond the usual concrete jungles and study in the lap of nature. We, at IISE, focus on holistic development of the students by providing them exposure based management and IT education. With consistent efforts, we convert the students into human capital and this metamorphosis ultimately leads the students to success. IISE’s concern for the welfare of its students lies in its inherent philosophy—‘Of the students, by the students, for the students’

Our Highlights

To become a premier Business and IT school recognized globally for its excellence in academics and cross cultural solidarity.

IISE, in entirety, is committed to identifying young people with professional and entrepreneurial aspirations, talents and determination and trigger them off to become excellent inspirational leaders in their chosen pursuits by developing in them skills, insights, abilities, healthy habits, right perspectives and clear vision. It focuses on holistic management education, training and conditioning of students through intellectual and informational inputs and activity oriented experiential, self discovering process to embolden them to assume responsibility, take charge and lead effectively.

The main objectives of the group of institutions are:

*To equip the students with up-to-date knowledge of technical and modern management concepts and techniques to help strengthen the professional abilities.
*To develop pro-active management and technical professionals flexible enough to respond adequately to the social-economic and organizational changes arising from the dynamic global environment.
*To develop young minds committed to quality and excellence.
*To prepare leaders guided by the highest principles of ethics, integrity and concern for the less privileged.

The Disabled Children Education Trust (DCET), the fountain-head of IISE, was established in the year 1991 in order to impart free-of cost professional education to the disabled children of India. The DCET umbrella holds under its ambit the International Institute for Special Education (IISE) Society. The IISE Society was registered in the same year, i.e., 1991 with the mission: “to settle in life through Management and IT education, primarily the poor disabled people (free education) and the normal people of India and the world”. The Society established an educational institute with the same name, International Institute for Special Education (IISE) in 1991. The governing body took the solemn vow to use the institution for accomplishing the mission and not to make money out of it. The vow continues to be honored and the entire surplus generated is ploughed back into the institution. Moreover, the founder, Dr Girish Bihari had a strong and unassailable view that IISE will cater to that section of society who wants to send their children for management/IT education but cannot afford to pay the high fees charged by the educational institutions run by big business houses. Thus, the fee remained and continues to remain highly affordable.

—‘Of the students, by the students, for the students’

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